Don't Give Up On Yourself

Seriously. I love you.

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You are yourself. You judge yourself, to attempt to spare the judgement of another. But that’s all you do. Judging others. Why? Because we grow up in a society where you either have to be tall, thin, and wear a size D cup, or tall and with muscles as big as bowling balls. Anything else is unacceptable. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, or a swimsuit model for Calvin Klein, and sometimes, even then, you will be judged. And that’s all people will ever be. Judged by themselves.
-Written by Me

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Just Read…

Hello, people of tumblr!

I know some of you are seriously going through a lot right now.

Some more than others.

I also know some of you need to talk about it.

And that’s where I come in.

My name is Caitlin.

I’m a recovering cutter, I used to starve myself, and a lot of times, I feel like no one wants or needs me.

And I’m one of you.

I’m a teen girl.

I’ve dealt with periods, mood swings, love nutella and cookies, and listen to music every single minute when I’m not asleep. I even have a CD blasting in the¬†background¬†when I shower. Sometimes, I fall asleep listening to music.

It’s how I keep going.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, though,

I’m going to help you.

If you need help, are in a desperate situation, want advice, or even just wanna talk, let me know, follow me or not, and send me a ask.

My rule though? You have to be honest.

No sugar coating your situation.


You can be anon or not, keep our conversation anonymous, I don’t care.

Just. Be. Yourself.

Hugs and Kisses,


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